Infant Growth and Development Study at UNCG

Dr. Esther Leerkes and other UNCG faculty who are experts in child development, nutrition, and growth hormones have come together to create iGrow, or the Infant Growth and Development Study.  The goal of this research study is to determine the earliest predictors of healthy weight, growth, and development in children. We hope to use the knowledge we learn to benefit families in the future. The iGrow team is a diverse group of faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students from multiple departments across campus. We are very excited and enthusiastic about this research study and we are looking forward to meeting you and your little one!


Winter 2023

Pictured above (Top Row, from left to right): Lenka Shriver, Esther Leerkes and Agona Lutoli; (Middle Row): Shourya Negi, Makayla Evins, Elisha Lee, Meghan Parrish, Yu Chen and Jessica Dollar; (Front Row): Megan Chandler, Savannah Girod, Mali Hosseinzadeh and Sally Eagleton.


Winter 2021

Pictured above (Top Row, from left to right): Elisha Lee, Rachel Schmitz, Tamika Watts, Laurie Wideman; (Middle Row): Chrishay Pearce, Mikaela Flourney, Agona Lutolli, Christina Rodriguez, Kaitlyn White, Esther Leerkes, Paula Cooney, Sally Eagleton, Savannah Girod; (Bottom Row): Travis Anderson, Meghan Parrish, Megan Chandler, Maleek Holmes, Shourya Negi, Mali Hosseinzadeh.

Winter 2020

Pictured above (Top Row, from left to right): Meg Lawless, Megan Chandler, Dr. Cheryl Buehler, Aran Garnett-Deakin, Angelica Villanueva; (Second Row): Meghan Parrish, Cia Elder, Paula Cooney, Lauren Bailes, Tamika Watts; (Third Row): Savannah Sommers, Dr. Lenka Shriver, Dr. Esther Leerkes, Madison Liberatore, Dr. Laurie Wideman; (Bottom Row): Elisha Lee, Maleek Holmes.

Fall 2019

Pictured above (Top Row, from left to right): Zach Kincaid, Kiki Leis, Dr. Laurie Wideman, Dr. Esther Leerkes; (Middle Row): Meghan Parrish, Dr. Lenka Shriver, Megan Chandler, Lauren Bailes, Angelica Villanueva, Savannah Sommers, Dr. Cheryl Buehler; (Front Row): Maleek Holmes.

Spring 2019

Pictured above (Top Row): Mika Antonio, Josi Gabladon, Meg Lawless, Jenna Copley, Esther Leerkes; (Front Row): Lauren Bailes, Angelica Knight, Kiki Leis, Megan Chandler